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water controlled diamond stitch drilling R.C. into sections for lift shaft opening
Diamond drilling
diamond chainsaw chain saw sawing brick masonry openings
Diamond      cutting
high frequency h/f 415V volt track/wall sawing R.C. r/f reinforced concrete wall lift shaft opening
high frequency 415V track wall tracksawing wallsawing saw sawing track/saw wall/saw
Floor & Wall / Track 
diamond tip tipped drill drilling bits cores barrels

Diamond tipped drilling using rig mounted drill motors and hand-held drills.

This is the quickest and most efficient method of forming holes/openings and slots through masonry and concrete structures.


Openings are formed by "stitch" drilling holes adjacent to each other to form the required size.


Holes can be drilled to virtually unlimited depths using extension rods and varying barrel lengths.


This is a non-percussive form of drilling and ideal for situations where noise restrictions apply.


Also used for divorce/separation cuts for demolition purposes and the controlled removal of structures.

floor flat road saw sawing blades

We have diamond hand cutting equipment including:

diamond chainsaws


hydraulic ringsaw


petrol cut-off saws

110V cut-off saws, that cut through masonry and reinforced concrete to differing depths as required


110V track saw to cut through R.C. and masonry


3 phase 415V high frequency powered track saw to cut through R.C. and masonry






floor saw floorsawing floor-saw floor-sawing flat road concrete

Track-sawing and floor-sawing.

Typically used for cutting large openings/trenches/expansion joints in reinforced concrete floors and walls,

the enlargement of structural openings and the removal of structural walls as can be seen in some of the on the job site photographs on this website.


Also used for divorce/separation cuts for demolition purposes.









track wall saw high frequency
PDDSLtd premier diamond drilling services ltd

The use of splitters/bursters and crunching jaws for non-percussive breaking works in R.C. and masonry.

dust controlled chase chasing electrical conduit patress pattress
Dust controlled chasing

The forming of channels into walls and floors for electrical conduits / boxes and mechanical pipes.


Dust from the cutting process is contained using either dust suppression or water. 

Differing specifications to the blades available means the vast majority of substances can be cut including R.C. brick/masonry and concrete blocks.

structural investigation footings footing foundation sub strata
Structural investigation             works
exposed r.c. r/f reinforced concrete column post foundation footing base

This service includes:

the drilling of cores for structural testing and analysis,


controlled removal of finishes to expose structrural defects to masonry and R.C structures,


opening up of spaces and voids to expose timbers for analysis and to show structural formation detailing,


the forming of trial pits to expose structrural condition of foundations and sub-strata details.

premier diamond drilling services contractor construction drill blade company demolition chasing cutting

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